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11 Cheddar Circle
Bella Vista, AR, 72715
United States


Concrete Cares is a 501/c non-profit group of volunteers who provide events centered around concrete to fight cancer and help families stricken by cancer


Mike and Katie Murray

Mike and Katie Murray

Our National Leaders

Donna Murray, President

Kathren Knigge, Secretary/Treasurer

Chris Sullivan, Director
Debbie Ohland, Director
Debbie Betts, Director
Tamlyn Doolan, Director
Rick Lobdell, Director

About Concrete Cares

Concrete Cares is a volunteer group focusing on fighting cancer on the “local level.” The nonprofit hosts fundraising events in communities across America. The aim of the organization is to make a difference in the local community by enabling friends, relatives and families to join the fight to provide support for those stricken with cancer. Signed banners and proceeds are presented to a local victim selected by community members.

 We raise money at concrete relegated events, such as the World of Concrete, and from generous donations. 

We want to reach a wider network. Please help us help our community one yard at a time.

Concrete is the most used building material in the world. For over 2,000 years master builders have been shaping the world with this wonderful material. Today’s concrete industry made up of contractors, manufacturers, architects and engineers are utilizing technology to fabricate with concrete like never before. The concrete industry continues to thrive and create opportunities.

The industry is made up of passionate individuals who care about those in pain, suffering, struggling with disease, medical ailments, and cancer. Concrete Cares was born to help expand the awareness of the need for cancer research and fundraising by the concrete industry.