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11 Cheddar Circle
Bella Vista, AR, 72715
United States


Concrete Cares is a 501/c non-profit group of volunteers who provide events centered around concrete to fight cancer and help families stricken by cancer


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Arkansas Events

Solomon Colors

May 16 2018 

Concrete Cares fighting cancer the concrete way
“1 yard at a time”

Arkansas Events

   Concrete Cares founded in 2012 by Mike & Donna Murray saw a need to help others whose lives are being impacted financially from the consequences of cancer in their lives. Rather than helping institutions we envisioned a network of concrete industry professionals to help families and children through concrete related events.  
Positive impacts on communities

   Concrete Cares has done many events over the past 6 years to help others by providing assistance to families and children dealing with cancer in their lives. For the third year we were at World of Concrete in Las Vegas Nevada where we have continued to support the work of the Candlelighters Childhood Foundation of Nevada.  


   Concrete Cares has also focused on events in our local state of Arkansas to help others involved in our industry dealing with the reality of cancer in their lives. Tim Shultz driver for Levy Concrete in Little Rock was presented over 3200.00 2 years ago. This year we saw the members of ARMCA work together during the ARMCA convention held in Hot Springs AR help McKenzie West in her courageous battle against cancer.  Her story touched our industry going from an active school student to a cancer victim. McKenzie’s mother told us in a letter that donations from our industry are being used to pay bills as cancer has devastated theirs and many other family budgets. While insurance does pay most of the treatments and hospital stays, loss of work and travel expenses create havoc on family finances. This is what we do to help locally in our communities, again the concrete way “1 yard at a time”


You can help others in Arkansas and other states with pledges and donations which are designated only to help on local levels. Donations are also used to give out Concrete Cares shirts to show our industry not only builds but CARES. 
Exciting new news in Arkansas, a new Razorback Concrete truck will soon be displaying the Concrete Cares logo which Razorback will also be using to show they fight cancer the Arkansas concrete way “1 yard at a time”   


Upcoming events

   Solomon Colors Decorative Concrete Fair August 21-23 “Solomon & Concrete Cares will be making a donation to the West family from our fund-raising at this event. “
World of Concrete 2019  

   A Rocky Geans Business School dates and time TBA
Concrete Cares is a 501/c you can support with donations or gifts we can use as raffle items at our events, we do need others to continue to support our vision of helping others the concrete way. 

Yours in Concrete,
Mike Murray 913 634 2267
Donna Murray 913 634 2531
11 Cheddar Circle Bella Vista AR 72715