All the Brave Pink Concrete Trucks

Concrete Cares

Pink Day at the Convention

Concrete CaresWe’ve started! Concrete Cares is on a Roll!

Many of you have been wondering
“What is going on with the Pink Concrete Group?”
We are here to tell you and we are very excited.

Our Mission

To allow local concrete industry to identify a local unifying project. Then to place decorative concrete to draw attention to that need. Pulling contractors, concrete suppliers, concrete companies, everyone in the industry together, to donate in kind materials and labor/talent to create the show piece.


Our Concept

The idea is to not necessarily break the bank, small jobs can be mighty. Integral colored concrete sidewalk, a stamped logo, a patterned patio, a new stained or stamped entryway inside or outside a facility are just a few suggestions.

The facility could be a research center, medical treatment facility or even a non-medical facility if you believe it would draw more attention to your cause. Partner with the facility for press releases and publicity.

The number one agenda is to increase publicity for them; the secondary agenda is to promote the concept that concrete is durable and beautiful and that Concrete Cares. You would of course thank those who donated their time and talent.


National Database

Individuals and Companies who are willing to donate in kind materials and supplies or time and talent. The list is made available to local groups as they form. This database is ever growing on a daily basis.


National Leaders

  • Chris Sullivan – Chem Systems
  • Mike Murray – Murray Decorative


Report Form

Tell us when you complete a project. We have a handy form that will be available here shortly and which we will be glad to send to you.


Where Do You Place Decorative Concrete Cares Projects

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Exterior Or Interior Flatwork
  2. Vertical walls
  3. Retaining Walls, Steps
  4. Countertops, Tabletops
  5. Concrete Sinks and Elements
  6. Conference Tables
  7. Lobby Reception Floors
  8. Handicap Ramps